Zombie Mission 4

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What is Zombie Mission 4


Zombie Quest 4 is the fourth episode in the legendary zombie mission series a fun adventure game of 2 kids. In this part, you will need to fight zombies and solve a series of difficult puzzles to open new wings. Use 9 different weapons to take them down and save the hostages.
These two players need to support each other to fight the zombies so they can climb to the door containing the hostage and save them from escaping. There will be many levels for you to experience this challenging adventure.
At the end of levels 9 and 18, you will encounter the epic Boss. Remember to collect the data disk.
Game control
Player 1: WASD = move. F = hit. Q = swich weapon.
Player 2: Arrows = move. L = hit. K = throwing grenades. U = switch weapon.


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