The Red Forest Kid

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What is The Red Forest Kid


The Red Forest Kid a fun game. We have met a young man in the Redwoods, Jack, who has just come out of the Clan. His people have long lived in the forest and rarely get along with other tribes. But our hero from an early age was different from curiosity and trying to learn about the world around him. During his treks through the forest, he often climbed to its farthest corners. And that's how he was one day in a protected forest, surrounded by a magical barrier.
But since our hero was the owner of a magical gift, he reached this part of the forest without any problems and unfortunately fell into a trap set by one of the ancient mages. the greatness of his nation left behind. Now he is out of it and we will help him with this. Our hero will stand on a log, the bottom of which will raise water containing toxic ingredients. As you know, our hero must not come into contact with it or he will die. Use magic he builds from translucent panels on his way to the top. Now he will have to climb over them to jump from one to another.


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