Super Stacker 3

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What is Super Stacker 3


Super Stacker is back again with more challenges! This is a stacking game and your goal is to stack objects and keep them balanced. Before starting the game you will see 40 levels to pass. Click on the first one to get started. Initially, the game does not challenge you too much, the first levels are warm-up rounds. In each level you can see the goal scored in the center of the screen. You should create the final object with geometric shapes like squares, triangles, rectangles, and circles.
The goal in Super Stacker 3 is to successfully stack the objects and keep the tower in equilibrium for a certain amount of time. You have to pay attention to the size (and therefore the weight) of the objects. Can you beat all the levels? Have fun!
With Super Stacker 3, are you ready to reveal your inner architect? The game is only for you if you love physics related games. It seems easy to stack objects but it's a bit tricky. So you should move wisely! Will you be able to complete the game?


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