Ninja Kid vs Zombies

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What is Ninja Kid vs Zombies


Ninja Kid vs Zombies an exciting adventure game in the world of Zombies.
Zombies have long held the world in their smelly feet, given complete freedom in action, green undead roaming the world and feeling complete control. If a healthy adult uncle cannot cope with half-dead monsters, the job will belong to the children and this will be an epic battle Ninja Kid vs Zombies.
Let the thugs cry from helplessness and the Ninja Kids chop the cabbage of all the walking corpses and place them in the feet of the adults who gave up and lost hope. Choose a character among formidable young samurai in a pointed hat, a girl or a boy ninja. Don't look at their miniature height and innocent looks. Children skillfully deal with various weapons, especially with a giant samurai sword. A swing of the steel blade and the zombies will roll their heads as the balls on the rifle can over time be updated and improved, so that the dead are unfamiliar and no opposition. Take part in a heroic crusade to clear the beautiful virtual world of lowly rotting corpses, those that have been pinned to baseball caps and trying to create like real living beings. Seeing the way drawers, do not pass by, use the sword to shred it and pick the fragrant ripe fruit, as soon as possible, otherwise they will quickly disappear, and the hero needs to eat, there is still a lot. zombies and work.
How to play
Move, control arrows, jump collect coins.


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