Mouse Down

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What is Mouse Down


Mouse Down is an extremely fun running and jumping game. We will have a mouse running a clock to run through the track, on which there are different obstacles and traps. Try less to crash into the obstacles and dodge the objects flying at you. Just notice the level of our zavodki mouse, it's located at the top left of the screen.
What she will do in the end on the way to collect the Keys that will make up your level. With each level will make it more difficult, as the number of traps will increase, and the time to make will decrease. So we advise you to be more careful and agile, and you will win this competition. Game Mousedown is quite fun and will be loved by players of all ages. When you open Mouse Down on our website, you are so immersed in it that you cannot be distracted for a moment.
How to play
Use the mouse or press your finger on the touch screen.


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