Merge Fish

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What is Merge Fish


How about starting your ocean exploration now?
Play fish on the board as you try to match 3 or more of the same fish to merge them together. Continue to merge fish for as long as possible in this unique 2048-like style game until you run out of moves. Think ahead then play your fish as you try to keep as many chess boards as possible. After you use all your moves, the game will end and your points will be added to the leaderboard.
You will start with an empty aquarium. You can merge small fish to get new and better fish. More and more exotic fish are waiting for you to discover. Lucky jellyfish will appear randomly and cool crabs will not. The aquarium fill up process is so fun and addictive that you'll have to leave for a long time.
How to play
Click or touch the fish to bring them to the board.


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