Frizzle Fraz 5

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What is Frizzle Fraz 5


Frizzle Fraz 5 adventures back of the little furry Frizzle are sent with exciting adventures. During your campaigns, you will not only walk through the beautiful rainforest and hot sand but also save your teammates from being imprisoned. The giant hippos have hidden them in many different places, your job is to find them and keep them alive. Jump and overcome found dangers with your friends. As you save all the levels, moving on to the paragraph will take you to more complex tests. Pick up the crystals, they will give you extra points.
He jumps like a ball, collects useful bounties, takes down enemies, and frees his little Frisbee friends from captivity. Duty calls him forward because in each level is languishing another kid there is a cunning and captured cheater.


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