Farm Hero

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What is Farm Hero


Farm Hero a fun game, here to make you the hero of our cute animals! You will connect the animals so they never walk alone again! Something terrible happened and the animals were set free! They were scared because the farm was so big! Will you be able to save the animals by solving puzzles?
Farm animals are not to be used for solitary confinement; They need to rush to be happy and safe! But a disaster happened to the farm! The flood dispersed all the animals. They are scared and barely floating on the water! You need to help them to make them safe again! So your goal in this game is to save the flooded animals scattered throughout the farm by connecting them into certain shapes. Drag and move the animal in the desired direction. You will connect them according to ropes that you can see on at least one side of the animals. Do not forget! Only ropes can be connected! You need to think strategically to connect the wires, the faster you connect them, the more stars you get. Good luck!


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