Disc Duel - Gumball

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What is Disc Duel - Gumball


The game called Gumball Disc Duel is one of the coolest two-player games you can find on our site where everyone is invited now to have the best time possible with the game. play this, this is a sports game unlike we have added here before, so not playing it means you are missing out on a lot of the fun you can have with it, that's why we wanted it here in the first place. Now, start by choosing between single-player and 2-player mode, and then choose the character each player will want to take on in the game.
Your goal is to throw discs at your opponent in such a way that you overtake them and into their goal, earning a point, with the player earning more points before the game ends becoming the winner. good luck, enjoy and make sure to try out even more awesome games we have here for you!
How to play
The first player: uses the arrows to move and the N, M keys to attack.
The second player: will use the keys w, a, s, d to move and v, b to attack.


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