Deft Bounce

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What is Deft Bounce


Deft Bounce - a simple game with ball bounces. Our characters are colorful magical creatures with different abilities. Your mission - assign the green hero in a yellow house with green floors.
The goal is at the bottom, you need to go through the entire pitch, filled with individuals trying not to miss or detain heroes. Choose the right moment, cut the rope hanging from the creature and it will start to fall freely. It is the mission not only to go home, but also to reach maximum points, and knockdown gray balls. If you hit the blue one, they will discharge and take some of the points you have collected, the red points will do the same, but no lightning.
To bring and collect stars, but if you miss with your collection point and do not fall into the house, and to the left or right there are spikes, the game will be over and the glass will be burnt. Try different options, toys that are simple but will not be easy to collect many points. Wish you happy gaming!


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