Catch the Candy

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What is Catch the Candy


Catch the Candy fun game. Everyone loves candy, but some are crazy about it. Control a fluffy character with a large tooth and help him achieve his favorite food across many different levels.
Sweets are one of the best! They come in a variety of flavors and are extremely delicious!
Your goal in this game is to collect a candy-like this for your character. You can play the game with your mouse. In each level, you will see a red and white candy out of your reach. To pass a level you should collect it. Your character may lack arms, but he also has a lot of tricks. Click and hold on the screen to extend your arm clinging to the surfaces and holding the candy yourself. Each level has puzzles, so you should find your way around obstacles to reach the candy. Sometimes, you will have to get creative to get the food you love. Control objects, break walls by smashing them, and eliminate other characters trying to stop you from eating candies! Do you have what it takes to pass more than 75 levels? Have fun!


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